Ariana Díaz Celma

Junco y Diamante are David Rodríguez (La Estrella de David, La Bien Querida) and Joël Iriarte (Jo Crespúsculo, Tarántula). With the title Las Comarcas de Catalunya, Vol. I (Canada, 2013), it was released as a limited edition of two copies on September 11 and is also available on Cd. The album is an ode to love for the land, a trip through 22 Catalan regions and a narrative about human relationships in a specific context. We have interviewed them?

Who is Junco and who Diamante? And why this name?

Junco is Joel and Diamante is David. Junco starts with J and Diamante with D. We realized about that after choosing the name.

Could your album be regarded as a compilation of everything that didn’t fit in other projects?

No. Not at all. It’s songs we specifically wrote for this project.

The album was released on 11 September under the name Las Comarcas de Catalunya Vol. I. Considering the current situation, is this a political statement or just a tribute to the land where you live?

It began as an excuse to write songs together and that was what it has always been.

The album’s musical spectrum is very broad. How would you describe it?

As ‘very broad’.

If it were to have a Vol. II, what would you pay tribute to?

We plan to sing to the remaining regions that were left out of this first volumen, about 20 more.

You have collaborated with Ana Fernandez-Villaverde (La Bien Querida), Antonio Luque (Sr. Chinarro) and Fernando Alfaro (Chucho, Surfin’ Bichos), why them?

They’re friends who do really cool things. We had to make many songs and we saved some effort thanks to them.

Your favourite hotspots?

We don’t know what hotspots are. If you mean favourite places, we love is Barcelona’s metropolitan area.

You can’t stop listening to?

Lucio Battisti and Skrillex.

You’d ban?

Murders and rapes.

You never thought you’d end up? 

Being old.

Becoming old Good2b means?

We don’t know what that means.