Cecilia Díaz Betz

There are places in Barcelona to eat well and others where the party never ends. But what if we combine both activities under one roof? The answer is called Juanita Lalá, where anything is possible. Here food and partying go hand in hand with overwhelming naturalness. So much that this new essential hotspot in Barcelona has a large following that unconditionally attend every one of their activities.. You can’t be less, so drop by La Barceloneta and let yourself be seduced by the fun and delicious Juanita Lalá. Important: not recommended for shy, boring and classic minds.

The concept of enjoying eating and partying at the same time at Juanita Lalá has a named. It’s called Food & Boom and it doesn’t look it will go anywhere anytime soon. In addition to enjoying both at lunch time and in the evening tapas, deli burgers, fried eggs with ham, a salmon tartar or any of their original egg salads, Juanita Lalá organizes parties almost every day: on Tuesdays, El Trivial de Juanito; on Thursdays Bigotes & Cortinas, and on Satuday nights, their hit, a big madness called Bandit.

The concept of eating and enjoying partying, listening a music session, playing games and doing activities for the evasion-Juanita Lala already has name and it’s called Food & Boom

The key, besides combining a good gastronomical offer with all kinds of activities, is that you can tell people who work there like what they do and have a good time while doing it. When this happens, that hedonistic and festive spirit is transmitted almost automatically, so if you go one day, chances are you will want to go again. But surely there is something special that permeates the atmosphere of Juanita Lala, something striking and engaging, and that’s the wild and careless touch they put on everything. I said it at the beginning: one has to be in the mood for a fun, relaxed night with friends. After dessert, order one of their excellent cocktails and start dancing! If you prefer something a little bit more laid back, this is definitely not your place, unless you drop by at noon, obviously, when atmosphere is more relaxed and the food is always good.

The average price is around 20-25 €. Make your reservation here, although we recommend you check out their activities, as succulent as their dishes.


  • Timetable: L-M 12:00-02:00 | J 12:00-03:00 | V-S 11:00-03:30 | D 11:00-02:00
  • Phone: 932213770
  • Type: Restaurant