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Joey Roth is an industrial designers specializing in ceramics. While he was planning a garden in his California home, he came across a rare object used by natives Americans called the Olla, a very simple clay vessel that is buried near a plant’s roots to provide a constant trickle of water to prevent it from losing water to evaporation.

 Joey Roth is an industrial designers specializing in ceramics

After discovering this intelligent irrigation method, he developed a plant pot integrating this ancestral savoir faire, a combination of tradition, crafts and contemporary design called Self-Watering Planters. A series of clay pots in two colours (terracotta and grey) glazed or unglazed for use indoors or outside. The self-watering planter’s porous walls allow water in the central chamber to seep into the surrounding soil. The plants’ roots find the source of water in the soil and grow around the central chamber. Through capillary action, the plants draw just as much water as they need.

Self-Watering Planters are priced an affordable 40€. Get yours here and check out Joey Roth’s designs.