Cecilia Díaz Betz

Is there someone here who doesn’t like travelling? You all do? And someone who doesn’t like any kind of artistic expression? Nobody? Travelling and art are two essential, vital and magical things in life. Enjoying them doesn’t require that much money, only interest and a desire to do it. This is what Jeroen Smeets thought, that two such important passions had to get together in some way, and that’s how he started The Jaunt, a project that has now become a wonderful book.

The Jaunt selected and sent to artists from around the world travel to a completely unfamiliar place for them

The Jaunt combines art and travel. It selects and sends artists from around the world to completely unknown place to them to take them out of their comfort zone. The idea is that artists have an experience in a new environment and create something with the inputs they receive. Each trip therefore is different because destinations and artists change. When the tour ends, the artist in question returns loaded with new ideas to be translated into a limited edition art piece produced in limited edition, signed and numbered. The best thing is that all the pieces are sold before the trip begins, so the buyer does not know what he’ll get.

Last December The Jaunt launched its first issue at the American Book Center (ABC) in Amsterdam, a 200-page colour book with beautiful photographs and illustrations documenting ten trips around the world for a year and a half, from Helsinki to Istanbul via Antwerp or Los Angeles. The book also includes exclusive interviews with the artists about their creative process as well as exclusive sketches and photos. The book is priced 20€ (shipping costs included) Get yours here.