Cecilia Díaz Betz

The legendary Jack Daniel’s whiskey rests on three pillars—independence, authenticity and integrity.

The Tennesse brand has an impressive legacy from 1866 thanks to laborious artisanal production methods, a system created by Jack Daniel that, year after year, has consolidated the brand as a benchmark in the sector. Jack Daniel’s has also known how to adapt to new eras without losing its essence.

The well-known industrial designer Marc Morro has used barrels as raw-material for creating three new objects

To tell is this unique story of authenticity, independence and integrity, Jack Daniel’s has used the American white oak barrels where the whisky is matured. Renowned industrial designer Marc Morro created three new objects using the barrel’s wood—a Dj Set, an analog photo camera and a drawing set. These three objects were given to photographer Yosigo, Dj Cora Novoa and illustrator Ricardo Fumanal for representing Jack Daniel’s rooted values. Each of them has developed an artistic project using Marc Morro’s designs. Watch the result in this video.