Cecilia Díaz Betz

Not always does public recognition come with a Michelin star. Surely you’ve wondered sometimes why certain restaurants don’t have such a distinctive award or are about to get one. The stars are the icing on a cake that in many cases serves to round out the profile of a restaurant for new customers. The same happens to the Izariya restaurant, a clear example that kaiseki quality food can be made.

Chef Okazoe brings popular dishes and pure authenticity to the table. One exquisiteness after another, served just like they do in Japan.

Run by chef Masahito Okazoe (plus three Japanese chefs) and with a menu featuring proper Japanese food based on recipes and cooking techniques that awaken our gastronomic passion for less explored civilizations, Izariya has become in a clear reference of what it means to eat extremely well.

With two menu options (lunch and dinner) and endless combinations to suit the diner, the green pea tofu, the eight delights appetizer or assorted sashimi are great starters before trying dishes such as the excellent steamed bream with cherry blossomsa bowl of sushi with fish and vegetablescolorful rice in clay pot or gilt-head bream with turnip and pepper sauce, dishes that makes you love Japanese again after so much bad sushi. By the way, don’t leave without tasting their chicken tempura!

If you don’t know what to drink, order any of their 18 sakes (the best, the Kochi Prefecture) or a chilly Asian beer as Asahi Super Dry beer. ¿Some tasty plan, huh?