Cecilia Díaz Betz

Here I come again with desktop organization. You may start to think I’m a little bit obsessed with the subject. However, there’s no denying a perfectly ordered desktop free of superfluous elements is a relief- Or am I wrong?

My new discovery is the ISO Desktop Organizer, a small metal object that allows you to easily organize things lying around your table, all perfectly exposed as if it were a grandstand.

This is the work of Japanese-born Jonah Takagi raised in New England, whose minimalist style goes hand in hand with functionality and originality. His website is full of good ideas and better designs. ISO Desktop Organizer is an exclusive design for FIELD that follows international paper size standards. Made of stainless steel, it is available in a lovely electric blue or metallic gray.

Starting the New Year with everything one your desktop well organized is a very good sign that will surely help you achieve your goals. Get your ISO Desktop Organizer for less than 70 € here.