Ariana Díaz Celma

The renowned restaurant Il Salotto, located on Calle Velázquez, was opened in 1986 to become a pioneer of Italian high cuisine in Madrid. Now Il Salotto is celebrating its 25th anniversary by adapting to the new times. Businessman and designer Miguel Kindler Von Knobloch has been in charge of giving the restaurant a cosmopolitan touch.


Chef Manuel Ruiz Trigo has reinvented traditional food with top-quality ingredients thanks to a series of imported products from Italy. The menu features traditional dishes such as carbonaras, carretieras and parmigianas, perfect sauces for homemade fresh pasta. It also includes mozzarellas, burratas and succulent pomodoros. A meal is about 25 euros.

Located on the restaurant’s top floor, the Upper Club is an after-work space that is ideal to enjoy small and tasty Italian snacks and a list of cocktails reminiscent of classic Italy such as the Negoni, the Cardinali, the Bellini and the Rossini. The decoration is inspired by boxing’s gilded age, when the sport was clandestine and exclusive. The walls boast beautiful Rat Pack-style Muhammad Ali and Frank Sinatra photographs.

Il Salotto offers a valet service and a home delivery service.


  • Address: C/ Velázquez, 61 Madrid