Ariana Díaz Celma

Yes, we know Ikibana is a classic of the Born. Now Ikibana has opened a new restaurant on the Paral·lel, a few metres away from Tickets and 21º, the two Adrià brothers restaurants, to turn the area into a meeting point for food lovers (let’s not forget the restaurant Xemei is also there). Although a large part of the menu is identical to first Ikibana, it now features other more select dishes to complement its Japanese-Brazilian cuisine. The restaurant combines the bounties of Japanese food with Brazilian sensuality in an impeccable space. This is one of those places everyone should visit at least once.


As you may already know, Brazil has the widest Japanese colony in the world outside Japan. This is why Brazil has developed this very particular gastronomy which blends Japanese flavours with Brazil’s tradition. If visiting Brazil is not possible right now, just go to Ikibana to have a taste of it. Chef Alfonso Aranda prepares somewhat risky dishes for the most demanding palates. Start off with a selection of makis and uramakis, ideal for sharing. We recommend the Picasso Uramaki, the nori algae roll covered with rice, stuffed with foie mi-cuit and banana chips and wrapped with glazed rice and truffle caviar; or the Hot Geishe, a tempura sake maki with salmon tartar, spices and Taré sauce. We love gyozas, so we tried the Ikibana version with lamb, tender onions, cilantro, shitake, tosaka algae and dashi stock.

The menu of the new Ikibana features a great fish section, with glazed black cod, feijoada with miso, azuki feijoada with shrimp, orange and amaebi. The meat section features veal tataki battered in a pepper mix, sweet potato and wasabi purée and black pepper sauce. Desserts are highly recommendable, all of them.

The restaurant is decorated by El Equipo Creativo ?also responsible for the nearby 41ª- and has a style in keeping with its food. The 260m2 of dining space reproduce an Ikebana landscape made up of several islands, with the bars and the kitchens well located.

A meal at Ikebana (it is open nonstop from morning till night) is between 25 to 40 euros.