Cecilia Díaz Betz

Calle Aribau has a well-kept secret, the IKI Barcelona Japanese restaurant that occupies a surface of 400m2 distributed in various spaces and two floors, with excellent cuisine based on select products and impeccable wines from small, local wineries and wines. Now IKI Barcelona presents #roomchef, an area where you can see the cooks preparing your food to your taste under your watchful eye. The maximum capacity is 10 guests. This is a very interesting, rewarding and even educational dining experience, a very affordable luxury in terms of value for money that we highly recommend to you.

IKI Barcelona has been opened for three successful years. Discretion, elegance, an Eastern-inspired decoration, perfect lighting and an intimate and friendly atmosphere make it a must. The place was an old dairy in the ’50s and it still retains some architectural elements of the time, though rehabilitating it to perfection took a long time and effort. But the outcome is superb. The restaurant boasts an open kitchen diners can see from the sushi bars and the new Room Chef.

The opening of Room Chef is another step in their commitment to constant reinvention and one more proof of the concerns of the restaurant founders, Santi Sardá and Marta Romañá. This special intimate room is built around a large chrome vanadium plate with different temperatures to cook, embedded in a round table where all guests are participants, observers, and curious tasters. Chef Javier Ahedo ?in front of his guests?passes ingredients around, both seafood and products from the land that are barely cooked, making a heartfelt tribute to fresh, good quality products that don’t need flourishes to enjoy their best flavor. Everything is unified with minimalist combinations of sauces, reductions and side dishes that don’t hide any flavor on the palate. The Room Chef offers the highly recommendable menus Tierras de Mar, which include 8 dishes, 1 dessert and wine for 55 ?. There is a second option for 60 ?, which includes extra sushi in the bars, including sake.

If you want to indulge in a proper culinary and spiritual experience, try the natural asparagus with tahini sauce and tofu; salted prawns with green tea; grilled Bluefin tuna; readily smoked duck steak with wild asparagus or grilled squid in its own ink with flying fish roe. The average price (excluding the menus) is 40 ?.


  • Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 174, Barcelona