Cecilia Díaz Betz

3D bodies suspended in mid-air and surrounded by a sort of sublime cosmic dust. We are taken to the middle of the desert at dusk; silhouettes of young people hiding half their faces and about to rise or fall; images that, through the effect of 3D imaging and moving gifs take on an air of occultism and magic. This is Stellar, the project of visual artist Ignacio Torres, which captures your attention in just seconds through beautiful nebulae.

The models are as frozen between those heavenly matters, with a very esoteric aura

“This project is based on the theory that human beings are made of cosmic matter as a result of the death of stars. I’ve created images that show this cosmic birth through the use of dust and reflective confetti to create galaxies.” In this so magically artisanal way, Ignacio Torres created Stellar, a series of images that engage in a dialogue about human beings just one particle among many in infinite space. Models are frozen in that celestial matter with a marked esoteric aura. Mysticism is emphasized through the use of 3D gifs which express the ideal of specific, unique and unrepeatable space-time moment. Stellar is a visual project that will take you on an interstellar journey.

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