Ariana Díaz Celma

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IDEP is one of Barcelona’s best design schools. A Superior School of Image and Design, it provides students with Masters and Postgraduate courses, professional courses and summer workshops on graphic design, fashion and photography. We are sure many of you who are reading this piece of news are interested in what the school has to offer. We have researched the school and have surrendered to the incredible offer of fashion-related courses.

We put special emphasis on fashion because it is an essential part of our everyday lives and defines ourselves. Many a prestigious designer has studied at IDEP, including Gori de Palma and the recently disappeared duo El Delgado Buil. More than anyone else, they are aware of the role fashion industry plays in the evolution of society, being a key element in understanding history. Fashion professionals become more and more specialized, so a good education is basic. A professional must be able to create, but also to apply creativity to operational skills, communication strategies, sales techniques and many other aspects IDEP covers. Here are some of the professional opportunities afforded by fashion studies:

*Fashion companies in any of its areas: design, communication, styling, pattern making.

*Department of design, image and/or communication in fashion companies.

*Styling in Image Departments: television, advertisement, media, spectacles?

*Free-lance designer or stylist.

*Fashion Editor for magazines or other mass media.

*Image Consultancy and Casting Direction.

*Project Management and Market Surveys.

*Runway Organization and Fashion Events.

*Participation in multidisciplinary projects: Decoration and Styling, Product Creation.