/ Hotspots / Madrid / Chueca-Malasaña

Bocacalle’s urban flair

In times of recession, imagination flies. Alberto García and Nacho Fernández changed their law careers for this restaurant that is enjoying great success, and its name is Bocacalle.  Bocacalle’s menu invites guests to travel a little bit around the world Located a few meters away from Calle Hortaleza and decorated by More & Co’s –they […]

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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Salamanca-Retiro

Luz de Luna, the latest project by Abraham Garcia

There is no doubt kitchen masters usually turn everything they touch into gold. This is the case of chef Abraham Garcia and Luz de Luna, his third project, where he serves Hispano-Mexican food. Guests are welcomed by a large bar filled with tapas, snacks, appetizers, tacos and platillos Located in the Salamanca district, on foodie street […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Raval

Ølgod’s is the new Beer Paradise

If we asked 100 random people on the street if they liked beer, chances are that more than half would say yes immediately. But what would craft beer enjoy the same results? I think it would be slightly different. Or maybe not. The fact that this low-circulation drink has become a precious commodity for many […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Eixample

La Real, eating with your hands never tasted better

In a corner of the Eixample, between Roger de Llúria and Bruc, La Real, a small and intimate place hosts the most coveted burgers in the neighborhood. In La Real street food is venerated and cutlery is a courtesy because it isn’t necessary The image of this hamburguer place, located at 285 Carrer de Valencia, shows two […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Zona alta

Nomo Sarrià, new flavours in a building with history

Last June, coinciding with its 10th anniversary, Grupo Nomo announced the opening of a new restaurant in Sarrià, the third one in Barcelona. As loyal followers of this family of young entrepreneurs, who, since 2007, have been delighting lovers of Japanese cuisine we received the news with enthusiasm and curiosity. It seems that executive chef […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Gracia

Cara B will become our favourite independent miniclub

The title of this piece may give rise to confusion. There are many great mini-clubs and independent dance bars in Barcelona and they are getting better and better. It is hard in a city where it is necessary to fight against a legislation that is still very restrictive. Also, the public that is not very keen […]

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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Chamberí

La Ancha, the origin of the Redruello talent

At a time when modernity, deconstruction, chemistry and gastronomic madness are present in kitchens all over the world, it strikes as a bit weird to talk about traditions, moderation, perfect cooking or the absolute respect for the produce bought in the market. Nowadays, one must stop and think for second what’s on the plate in […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Born

Big Kokka, non-stop nikkei supremacy

The tandem formed by the Peruvian chef Juan Otivo and Kyoko Li continues to draw smiles and satisfying sybarite palates. Despite his youth, he has worked in restaurants such Asiana Nextdoor, Tampu, Astrid and Gastón and Ceviche 103. Kyoto Li, on the other hand, was the right hand of Albert Adrià at Pakta for years. […]

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