Ariana Díaz Celma

Today, the verb ?to pick up someone? doesn’t refer to being in the same place at the same time and ask the classic ?do you study or do you work?? Too old school to be true! Everything is changing and the art of flirting, too. The proliferation of websites and apps to meet people proves it. Our favorite is because there women rule and have seized power. They don’t wait to be taken out to dance anymore. The success was overwhelming from the beginning and now the Adoptauntí has more than half a million registered users who are happy to be part of the family. To celebrate its success, the site has launched a highly amusing book entitled: Stories of Man-Objects to Pamper.

The book was launched after conducting several surveys among users that reveal data such as the fact that women seek, choose and decide who they can seduce. It turns out that this is a complete reversal of roles in the art of seduction and that this attracts men more than we think (65% of users claim that they prefer the girl to give the first step). So this and other topics are told by Eva, a young and modern character who goes beyond clichés about the art of seduction. To top it off, the cover is the work of Moderna de Pueblo.

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