Ariana Díaz Celma

Although an editor of I-D Spain and a renowned photographer, when the names Vincent Ferré and César Segarra are mentioned together, only one thing comes to mind: Hipsters From Spain. The duo has managed to capture better than anyone else who’s who in Spain, with profiles of people they find interesting, to whom they visit at home to interview them. The secret of success? A mixture of the curiosity we feel when we get into people houses mixed with good taste and a casual approach to key figures in art, film, communication and photography, among other disciplines. Now we have interviewed them?

What is a hipster for you and what being ‘from Spain’ makes them different?

A hipster might be something like a new ?moderno”. We are interested in it as a marketing concept and as sociological concept related to popular culture. “From Spain” is a serious joke: we want to celebrate what is happening in Spain.

Is there something provocative in the name? The term hipster is very controversial today?

We thought the name was powerful, but we believe that the term “from Spain” is more interesting than “hipsters”. In any case, we have learned a lot about keywords.

Where did the idea come from?

We admire many people around us. We are fascinated by their projects and ways of living. At the same time, as viewers, we liked the idea of seeing them in a single platform.

What’s your criteria to choose the people that you interview?

They have careers that we’ve been following closely, or people we discovered through recommendations from friends or from other people we’ve interviewed. We find them interesting and inspiring and we want to know more.

Vicent is a journalist and César a photographer. Tell us more about you, what do your do when you’re not working for HfS?

Vincent is currently the editorial coordinator at I-D Spain and César collaborates with Bguided, i-D, The Wild. He’s also a dj.

How much time do you devote to HfS? in your day to day and what% the other things you do?

It depends on the day, although at the beggining we were involved almost full time. Now the project is growing more organically and we have learned to enjoy it with more distance. In any case, it occupies a large space in our heads and future plans.

Your favourite hotspots in BCN and MDR are??

César: BCN: KR Store, Variopinte, Objeto de Deseo. MAD: La Fábrica, Cazador, la fiesta TETAS.

Vicente: friend’s homes, quiet cafeterías and packed clubs.

You can’t stop listening to?

Classics like The Smiths or The Velvet Underground and new discoveries like Oliver Nelson, Pearls Negras or Years and Years.

You never thought you’d end up?

Getting into the homes of people we admire as if we knew then forever and having so much success in such a short period of time.

You’d ban?

Nationalism and gotelé.

Good2b means?

Forever Young.