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There is a wide range of cosmetics able to meet all your needs and requirements, for daily use, day and night, an ever-growing business that has consumers miss their focus. It is not the first time that we talk about Henna Morena, a brand that covered an empty niche—that of natural slow hair products. Three years after founder Sandra Vivancos launched Henna Morena, it arrives in Madrid with a showroom. This small and flirty 80m2 space located on Calle Piamonte 18 and designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

 Henna Morena remakes formulas used in antiquity to take care of the hair health where botany and herbal medicine have much to say

Henna Morena uses henna as the main ingredient in its treatments and Mediterranean rituals, respect to traditions and to the product’s origins. Lavender, rosemary, orange, sage and orange blossom are used to nurture, restructure and mineralize our hair. The brand offers a careful range of henna with phytotherapy, combining the active principles of those ingredients and the natural protein of henna.

Henna Morena is a pleasure for people who like to take care of themselves and have a perfect look beyond trends, for people who know how to choose a good product among so many formulas that offer a lot but have negative results. The opposite of Henna Morena. Let’s try it!



  • Address: C/Piamonte, 18
  • Timetable: Monday to Saturday: 10,30h to 20,30
  • Phone: 911 995 907
  • Type: Beauty shop