Cecilia Díaz Betz

Spectacular eyes that harbor overwhelming languor and indifference, stare at you and you can no longer avoid. Who is that girl with pristine, almost transparent white skin you can’t stop looking at and who keeps looking at you? We are referring to Dutch photographer Hendrik Kersten who at the age of 39 decided to break away with everything in his life and devote himself to photography, with his only daughter working as a model for the past 15 years. His snapshots, among other things thanks to the special use of light, acquire fascinating nuances of painting. This, coupled with the model’s characteristic postures with clearly reminiscent of 17th century Flemish painting, makes us doubt whether we are looking at a painting or at a photo.

This magic that gets Hendrik Kersten is also accompanied by a surreal, absurd and very funny point through clothing with dressing her daughter

Hendrik Kersten’s magic is also accompanied by a surreal, absurd and fun perspective thanks to his daughter’s clothes. Plastic bags, toilet paper, kitchen towels, aluminum foil, and a whole long list of utilitarian daily objects that become headgear, hats or shawls, and that somehow laugh amicably at the symbolism and the neatness of Flemish paintings. His photographs are intended to recall the works of Vermeer or Rembrandt, but at the same time that break away with that naturalism. They create a disturbing scene in which the pervasive and intense gaze of the protagonist tell us something like “I don’t care the least” in a kind of ode to teenager laziness. Be it as it may, there is something very clear:Hendrik Kerstens’ work captivates you in milliseconds, either by confusion, fascination, magic realism, or all at once.