Ariana Díaz Celma

Do you play guitar? Do you like rarities? Then you have a reason to celebrate! A second-hand guitar shop has just opened in Madrid called Headbanger Rare Guitars, the ideal place to find discontinued models, limited editions and original pieces overhauled by luthiers. A treat for lovers of this six-stringed instrument!

Each person is unique and so is each instrument. Over at Headbanger Rare Guitars they have the guitar that best suits you. Among their favorite brands are Fender, Gibson, Hofner, Teisco, Danelectro, Silvertone, Peavey, Charvel, Egmond, Univox and Eko. Another highlight of the place is the personal service by experts as soon as you go through your door. Once inside, feel free to try their models and find out what each piece hides. They also have new accessories such as cables, spikes and straps as well as different and customized pedals.

Headbanger Rare Guitars is really a place to enjoy the sound of a good instrument. No matter if you are a pro or an amateur, enjoyment is assured!


  • Address: C/ La Palma, 73 Madrid