Ariana Díaz Celma

One of the coziest, most peculiar restaurants in the city. Located on the ground floor of a building in the Eixample Dret district, Gurqui is ran by Albert and Chesca, a couple who fled from the farmaceutical company where they used to work in search of a better shelter. And it looks like they have found it. Entering Gurqui is like walking into someone else’s house where you know the host will serve you very well. With five tables, eight in the summer when they open the back terrace, the dinning hall is typical of the area, it makes you feel at home, but with excellent company and a very pleasant bohemian atmosphere. The decoration is also curious?it shows the owner habitually goes to street markets and antique shops. 

The restaurant also has a bar and a large wine list?over fifty types that can make your final check vary considerably. The market cuisine at Gurqui combines top quality fresh ingredients with signature cuisine dishes. There is no menu and the dishes of the day depend on the chef’s caprice, who keeps serving dishes until past 1 am. Therefore, this is one of the very few restaurants where the menu is recited rather than read.

To give you a general idea, you can find dishes such as Spanish omelet with truffle or clams as starters, then continue with a delicious tuna tartar or duck eggs with foie and potatoes. As desserts, you can try out the Bulgarian yogurt ice-cream or the classic coulant with vanilla and strawberries, an infallible solution for those with the sweetest tooth. The whole thing can rise up to 50 euros, but the final check is always unknown until the last second. 

Gurqui Restaurant suitable for sybarites and adventurers.


  • Address: C/Mallorca, 303