Laura Hernandez

Yeah, maybe after three days eating like animals the last thing you feel like doing now is talk about food trucks but, well, eating is basic to human survival, isn’t it? So read on!

Food markets and food trucks have boomed this year

Food markets and food trucks have boomed this year, but with so much on offer on the road it’s hard to choose. Again, dear reader, we are at your service and have made our most gastronomic #Good2bTop5 featuring the best food trucks that you can find in Barcelona. We have entrusted Laura Hernández, our community manager and a connoisseur, with the task. Bon profit!

1. Caravan Made. Quality products cooked with care. It’s the best known food truck. Javi and Silvia (the managers) will point to a bombing and are always present in all foodies soirees.


2. Reina Croqueta.  As a big fan of the croquettes in all its variants, Reina Croqueta had to be in this Top 5. 25 different types of croquettes made in their own kitchen, can you ask for more? Roger and Sarah (owners) have become two of my favorite people for combining the best tapa in the world with food truck movement. Fan!


3. Eureka Street Food.  Love at first sight with their old Citroën H. Their gastronomic proposal is based on California’s traditional dishes. Don’t miss their Elotes from the Echo Park neighborhood, their tacos and sandwiches, they mouth-watering! Must be the closest thing to actually being in California babyyyy!



4. La Creperie de Mariöne.  The image is very cool and vintage, a breath of fresh air among so many “industrial” caravans. In addition, crepes are timeless and are delicious with either sweet or savory ingredients. If you’re hungry, whatever you feel like, a crepe is always a good choice.



5. Mr Frank and the Butis. And of course there had to be something as traditional and Catalan as butifarra and sausages in our Top 5! Mr Frank and the Butis is a very interesting and innovative concept revolving around sausages. It has been on the road since 2011. Who said you could only eat the sausage with ‘mongetes’? Give the power to innovation and long life to butiffarras!