Ariana Díaz Celma

Primavera Sound has announced the line-up for the 2017 edition, and we are happy to see that they are still betting on influential and news artists. Here at Good2b we are eclectic, and we are all die-hard fans of some of the names announced. Here is our list of favourites for Primavera Sound 2017!

Aphex Twin: a classic of 90’s electronics and the precursor to much of the music we listen to today. After years of rumors and secrecy, he has released an incredible album and more than 200 songs in a mysterious SoundCloud profile.


It is rumored that Shellac will inaugurate a new stage

Slayer: No band condenses so much fury and hatred as well as Slayer (for example the lyrics of Angel of Death, in which Tom Araya shouted “Auschwitz, the meaning of pain”). Reign in Blood took trash metal to new heights of aggression, sowing the seed of Death Metal and paving the way for an entire generation of extreme metal bands.

Sleep: the standard bearers of stoner-doom will take us on a trip with riffs lost in a sea of marijuana smoke. Let’s hope they play Dopesmoker from beginning to end!

Shellac: The year Shellac doesn’t play at Primavera will mean that the apocalypse is near, and we will all be very sad. It is rumored that Shellac will inaugurate a new stage in honor of Albini, Weston and Trainer for everything they’ve made for the festival.

Swans: Since Michael Gira and Cia returned, they are on everyone’s lips. The wall of sound they create onstage is a unique experience that has to be lived.

Grace Jones: an 80’s icon and a must-see at least once in a lifetime.


Solange: Beyoncé’s alternative and arty sister will preset her album A Seat At The Table.

Frank Ocean: the disciple of Odd Future is a must in the current rap scene.

Cigarettes after Sex: We hope to relax and smoke a cigarette while listening to their sweet songs.

One of the most unexpected surprises is Nikki Lane

Saint Etienne: Another 90’s classic we love that will make us dance nonstop.

The Magnetic Fields: we love Stephen Merrit’s cavernous voice and her exquisite orchestral pop songs.

Nikki Lane: One of the most unexpected surprises, our favorite cowgirl. There is someone on our team who is going to gallop into the concert. He has already bought himself a pony!

Angel Olsen: The singer-songwriter captivated us with My Woman, where she became sincere about everything that comes with being a woman.

Sleaford Mods: one of the acts with more punk attitude of the current panorama. Without guitars, with only sampled and rhythmic bases, Jason Williamson spits all the rage and frustration of the British working class.

Sleaford Mods

Bon Iver: He will be presenting the songs from his latest album 22, a million, a renewal of the American folkie scene with more electronic textures.

Seu Jorge: Great to be able to see him playing Life Aquatic, a masterpiece of Brazilian music.

Ben UFO: an impeccable selector of the best underground electronic music, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Front 242: together with acts like Clock DVA, they brought industrial sound to a more danceable terrain, called at the time EBM.

GAS:  A cult techno artist and the head of the Kompakt label, Wolfgang Voigt will present some of his ambient masterpieces as GAS.

Huerco S: The Kansas City producer captivated us with his great ambient album Those Of You Who Have Never.

Here is the playlist. Enjoy!