Cecilia Díaz Betz

From Australia with high doses of color and humour comes Georgia Perry’s world. This visual artist based in our antipodes doesn’t limit herself to one discipline and works on illustration, product design, art and installations.

Georgia Perry is full of bold, flashy jobs and vovación of eternal youth

His works are full of reminiscences to pop art, and her provocative use of color to Fauvism, but in all her creations she expresses a special character that lends her artwork a light of its own. Georgia Perry’s universe is full of bold, striking and youthful creations. Her typographical sketches and prints, her patterns and installations and her legendary 90s pins conquered us. A collection of enameled pins depicting her personal vision of Ophra’s smiling face and or an amazing one with a cross-fingered hand. Visit her website, browse her world of colors, let yourself be surprised with her sense of humour and drop by her online shop.