Cecilia Díaz Betz

Phillip Low’s sculptures have something hypnotic. It may be that balanced combination of light, volume, colour and geometry, or simple the fact that light is not a random element, but the real protagonist. Proof of that is it latest sculptural series, featuring pieces with ‘magical’ reflections that fascinate the onlooker.

Phillip Low’s sculptures have something hypnotic

For Phillip Low, light is essential, and in its work light plays as relevant a role as that of the semi-transparent acrylic he uses to give life to his colorful sculpture. Each piece absorbs and reflects the light in a unique way, and according to the density and the smoothness of each of the prism’s facets, the result varies. They don’t have an assigned fixed position, which allows for an interesting play depending on the position chosen, giving as a result multiple and different reflections. Sizes vary between 7cm high and 17cm wide aprox, small and manageable sculptural objects. Displayed near the window, when sunlight reaches them it all becomes a spectacle. Order yours here.