Cecilia Díaz Betz

If there is a magazine we are eager to read again, that is certainly Fuet Magazine. We were sitting at a table, a napkin properly tucked in, menacingly holding the silverware waiting for delicacies like there’s no tomorrow. Our guts were screaming for food and drinks and also for new stories, photos and curious anecdotes about food. The first issue,Rituals, was a gift for the most discerning palates in terms of the communion between food, art, journalism and design. In fact, they should edit the title and call it food & magazine lovers. Fuet Magazine is about to release the second issue,Icons. It will be on December 1st and will be available on cult bookshops, groovy newsstands and also on the Internet.

If with the Rituals enjoy from beginning to end, the new number of Fuet Magazine, Icons, certainly becomes our downfall and permanent craving

We loved Rituals from beginning to end, so we are sure Icons won’t stay behind as it comes with more pages, more content and a double cover devoted to food icons. A reinvented Mr. Potato with a potato body bodes a good celebration of gluttony, but looking at his colleague the eggplant, the ovation becomes fireworks. And this is just the beginning. Inside you will find the most succulent pop art works, an interview with the industrial designer Martí Guixé, a tribute to the most famous TV chefs, a very special menu prepared by London’s Bompas & Parr studio, an ode to the great Carmen Miranda, and something I’m really excited about and which I’m eager to devour: a trip to the disturbing gastronomical mysteries of Twin Peaks (Thanks Maria Arranz, this is your idea for sure). We can only say, enjoy it!