Laura Hernandez

At this point we have become experts in gourmet burgers, auteur sandwiches and Neapolitan pizzas. But we had forgotten about the little brother of this kind of reconverted fast food: the Frankfurt. The traditional hotdog that so many times we have seen on TV has a reason to celebrate because Frankie’s has arrived in Barcelona. This new place of pilgrimage for lovers of frankfurts, which until today they was hangover food or as a snack on visits to IKEA, will give plenty to talk about. Here the frankfurt is the king and, combined with different flavors and ingredients, Frankie’s elevates it to the gourmet frankfurt category.

Frankie’s, the new place for lovers of frankfurts, has arrived in Barcelona

My expectations when I first went to Frankie’s weren’t very high, but truth be told, it was a surprising experience and I’ll surely go back. The menu is divided into three areas: Old Frankies, with traditional frankfurts with a modern touch;


New Frankies, with options like the one with avocado and mango, coriander mayonnaise and fried corn strips; curry cream with spring onion salad, acid apple and aromatic herbs; mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto, or the spicy frankie; and Premium Frankies, which you won’t want to share: foie with onion, apple and crisp onion; ceps and truffle; and prawn with soy mayonnaise are some of the options in this section.



To accompany them there are patatas bravas, salads and cheese balls. There is also a lunch menu for 8 euros, ideal for people working in the area, and a veggie Frankfurt with tofu. Eating at Frankie’s is about 12€. The price includes delicious homemade desserts, for example cheesecake, acid apple sorbet with biscuit crumble and cream.

© Photos: Pau Esculies