Ariana Díaz Celma

Today we want to present a delicious proposal located in the Salamanca district. Fonty, named after the French city of Fontainebleau, inspired Marie Valdez for her gastronomic proposal.

Fonty, with their good work, has become a must in the neighborhood, a place to meet friends and savour the best high-end French pastries and also the most traditional. The decor is inspired by the cafes of the East Coast of the U.S., with granite columns, bare brick walls, polished concrete floors and beautiful turquoise hydraulic tiles. The glassed workshop can be seen from the dining area, where guests can see how they make their products.

You will probably have trouble deciding because everything looks great, especially the blackcurrant mousse filled with Greek yogurt and lime chips and a white chocolate cake with pistachios, and the puff pastry filled with pistachios cream and amarena cherries or, of course, their homemade croissants. They also have savory delights like Nordic bread sandwich with smoked salmon, crème fraîche with chives and lettuce or some of their yummy quiches? ricotta, spinach and pine nuts.

Of course, don’t miss Sunday brunch and their lunch menu with a dish of the day. Although what makes Fonty a must that is the fact that it’s right next to El Retiro, so what is there a better than accompanying a delicious snack with a walk in the park. Quality, warmth and modernity are flavors to remember in Fonty.


  • Address: C/ Castelló, 12 Madrid