Cecilia Díaz Betz

We intend to end this year with things that brighten our senses and widen our souls, and for this penultimate day of the year we have found exceptionally beautiful work which is a pleasure to look at and which invites to celebrate things.Flowerworks is a photographic series by Sarah Illenberger in collaboration with photographer Sabrina Rynas, an excellent work of art in which flowers and plants look like snapshots of a fireworks display.

An excellent work of art direction where flowers and plants are harvested in a way that seems snapshots of a fireworks display

This ingenious series made for The Plant Journal presents various species of flowers and plants on a black background emulating the night sky. The special lighting, colors (purple, yellow, pink or green) and shapes of the flowers as well as the arrangement and perspective resembles fireworks exploding. A striking visual effect that is already Sarah Illenberger’s signature.

This multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin is well known for creating vivid, witty pictures which open new perspectives on seemingly common themes. She loves to transform common everyday materials in complex and unexpected visual experiences. Among its clients are prestigious magazines Wallpaper, Zeit Magazine, Neon, Time and The Observer Magazine. Discover the rest of her work here and buy some of her prints here. We see no better gift for The Three Kings Night, no better way to celebrate the new year…