Ariana Díaz Celma

One of the most legendary venues in Barcelona is celebrating its birthday. The Flash Flash restaurant is turning 44 without a single wrinkle or other obvious aging signs. Quite the opposite? The day served as an excuse to visit it again and get the real story of one of Barcelona’s most traditional yet forward-looking restaurants. There we learned that photographer Leopoldo Pomes?a founding partner of Flash Flash along with architect Alfonos Mila?decided to open a tortilla restaurant when the doctor finally allowed him to eat eggs again, one of his passions, after a long season of self-imposed abstinence for health reasons. The restaurant, which many thought it would be an almost immediate failure when it opened in 1970, was born under the guidance of architects Federico Correa and Alfonso Mila with the intention of creating a cool, open space without luxuries. A place for all audiences that has retained its essence: there you can find families, college students with their folders, groups of friends and people on first dates. All diners gather in an open white dining room, whose only decoration are photos of Karin, a model and stylist, and of Pomes’ wife.

The best is that the space looks as modern today as it looked on the first day, despite not having been remodeled even once. The menu also retains its essence, though they have added some new features over the years, for example the snack section. No one should leave the restaurant without trying the ‘Ummm tortilla’, an addictive montadito, or the croquettes, special the ones with Idiazábal cheese or cod. The roast beef sandwich is also a good option before trying their specialty: their omelets and burgers. Leaving Flash Flash without trying any of these is like going to Lourdes and not visiting the Virgin.

You can also choose the tortilla cold cake or varied tortillas including La Panadera with bread cubes, cheese and fried tomato, La Romana with macaroni and cheese or La Forastera with Iberian ham and mushrooms. Of course, there is also a section devoted to the legendary omelette, one of our most exportable products, as well as vegetables and fish. A special mention goes for the sweet omelets, rum, orange, candied fruit with coffee sauce? As already mentioned, one of Flash Flash’s highlights are the burgers, which have been included on the menu many decades before their boom. Precisely, Cecilia mentions a girl who studied architecture in the U.S. years ago and asked the restaurant to make it: it’s served with ciabatta bread, mayonnaise and caramelized onions. We also recommend the Flash burger with capers and taking a look at the daily specials section, which change daily at the whim of the chef. Some of the desserts are as old as the restaurant: Flash cheese cake, lemon cake with meringue…

Lunch, dinner or a late afternoon snack?this was one of the first places in Barcelona to open all day long?is about 20 euros.


  • Address: C/La Granada del Penedès, 25 Barcelona