Cecilia Díaz Betz

ahliah Debrett is the real name of British band FKA Twigs. In August last years she jumped into the limelight thanks to her highly acclaimed debut album LP1. Also notorious was her semi-nude photo on the cover of V Magazine. She has started 2015 with the release of the music video for ‘Pendulum’, a strange film directed by herself in which she appears suspended in midair tied around with several ropes and her own hair.

 A strange film directed by herself, which appears literally tied and suspended in the air, with several strings and with your own hair

This visually controversial FKA Twigs is worth watching. Watching her tied up with her own hair, gagged with ropes and hanged in different positions while slowly singing ‘Pendulum’ generates a strange feeling in the viewer. A few seconds into the music video, it evolves into a sort of metallic sea above which she dances. With clear 90s aesthetics, the piece mixes martial arts, Manga space warrior clothes with the cadence of her personal take on R&B. Much in line with Tahlia Debrett’s aesthetic eccentricity and sensual obscurity.