Ariana Díaz Celma

Firmamento, the sea and surf brand born in the fishermen’s neighbourhood of La Barceloneta, presents Amateur, the new AW14 collection which follows the brand’s simple criteria of timelessness and local production. Firmamento focuses on -tshirts and sweatshirts intended for life outside the water and which represent the spirit of the brand’s urban customer, lover of the sea and waves, with a marked international profile. Once again, it bets for simple cuts and light materials for increased comfort.

Firmamento focuses on t-shirts and sweatshirts intended for life outside the water

T-shirts with legends related to La Barceloneta, the sea and surf are one among the key garments this season. They come in multiple colorways—the brand’s colors—and are made following different production techniques: handmade silk-screens and with embroidered or sailcloth letters. Among silkscreens there is the legendary insignia sweater with the Firmamento logo, but also new creations like the tribute to the style of the first swimmers of the CNAB (Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta) with a recreation of its classic logo and the legend Barcelona Amateur Surf, an irony about the few pretentions of people practicing surf in La Barceloneta. Based on that, the firm has created new models bearing the acronym BAS, in silkscreens or with sailcloth letters.


The second t-shirt of the collection follows the line of the legendary Surf Petit from Firmamento’s first collection. This time around, they nod to La Barceloneta’s surf scene: small, scarce, elusive and suffering an unpleasant east wind. The third model features the word LLEVANT (east) and an embroidered arrow rotated because of a gust of wind. All jerseys are made ​​with organic cotton and fabrics made ​​from 100% recycled materials.

Firmamento’s collection also features sweaters with message. This season, we have the AMATEUR sweater with the word cut and sewn on the chest, a clear statement about the level of surfing at La Barceloneta. This garment was inspired by the tracksuits worn by CNAB swimmers during the 30s and 40s and how they marked their tracksuits for competitions.

Firmamento’s collection also features sweaters with message

For girls, Firmamento has created a new sweater pattern with a slightly open neckline made with two different cotton shades, one for collar, cuffs and waist and another one for rest of the sweater. In addition, all girl sweaters have the logo embroidered on the left shoulder. The sweater is available in yellow-navy, blue-navy and a limited edition of gray-navy. In the latter model, Firmamento still plays with fabrics, showing the back side of the cotton. Finally, this season includes garments with neoprene details accompanying the sailing rope detail on the neck.