Ariana Díaz Celma

Every day more and more people join healthy, balanced eating with local products without additives or chemicals. A much needed return to origins! Based on this, a new space has just opened in Barcelona devoted to food. FEELD Orgànic‘s contribution to a more sustainable future goes far beyond its organic food supply.

FEELD Orgànic’s contribution to a more sustainable future goes far beyond its organic food supply

The restaurant is located on Avenida Diagonal, 449. A large mural by illustrator Conrad Roset welcomes customers. In its nearly 500 m2, this new spaces includes a coffee shop, a bakery, a flower shop, a restaurant and a market. FEELD Orgànic‘s firm commitment goes beyond healthy food. It also calls for respect towards producers and consumer so that everyone can benefit from the change in eating habits.

They search the best organic and natural food in the market, maintaining a strict standard of quality and engaging in sustainable food production. In addition to enhancing the relationship with suppliers in the area, FEELD is committed to supporting the development of the socio-economic fabric (cooperatives and initiatives supporting social integration) in its environment, to respecting the environment and to improving the quality of life for residents. The market area offers a variety of products. In the case of meat, animal welfare, a preference for native breeds, organic food or ethical sacrifice, among others, is favoured. Fish is 100% sustainable, certified by various agencies such as the MSC, ASC or WWF. The supply of organic food comes from organic farming, a highly regulated production method that places special emphasis on the use of renewable resources, the proper use of land and water, concern for the environment and sustainability. Finally, FEELD works with equally responsible partners, uses energy from renewable sources and pursues an employment policy according to its values.


  • Address: Av. Diagonal, 449
  • Timetable: M-S 09:30-21:30
  • Phone: (+34) 93 532 85 03
  • Type: Shop
  • Website: