Ariana Díaz Celma

Federal Café is another must in our new favorite area in Madrid. Conde Duque has become the darling of our Madrid ‘hotspot’ scene and spaces such as the Federal Café, located on a nice corner with large glass windows, has greatly contributed to this. Galician-born Nolo, its alma mater, is to blame for having turned it into a must for any good foodie in Madrid. And for any coffee lover, as Nolo is one of the best baristas in the capital today.

The menu made ??us feel at home in the best sense of the word. It’s a replica of Federal Café de Barcelona, one of our favorite bars which contributed to the resurgence of the Sant Antoni area. The space opens up in the morning to serve unique coffees and delicious pastries, including homemade ones. Breakfast and brunches are served daily until 1:00pm, although on Saturdays it’s until 4pm and on Sundays until closing time. We recommend burgers?don’t miss the Morning burger?and scrambled eggs, which you can season to taste. Poached eggs are also a good option, customizable to make matters even better?we love them with salmon and spinach?and accompanied with buttered toast. If you go during the week, combine them with juice and on weekends with Bloody Mary or mimosa if you like fizzy drinks. The food for the rest of the day is a bit more formal, with salads?we love the haloumi salad with Greek dolmades, fennel and green leaves?, and fresh produce. Burgers also change, especially the meat, which includes other varieties such as kangaroo meat. You can wash down the food with great wine. An average meal at Federal Café is around 15/25 euros.

The interior is very nice?unpretentious but cozy and with a marked Scandinavian style. Wood and cement are mixed with plants in an open space lit by large windows. Now that summer is here, our favorite spot is by the wide open windows.

For those not familiar with the origin of this place, Federal is a small town in Binna Burra, Australia, where there is not much to do except hang out and relax. And that is the main objective of Federal?to let people in, enjoy good coffee and get away from their day to day in the capital for a few hours…