Cecilia Díaz Betz

It is likely that by now you’ve already dropped by Vía Augusta 65 looking for its so-much-talked-about take-away sushi. What you may haven’t done yet is visit Sushifresh, a new restaurant in the secluded calle Europa, and if you are a fish freak, you should do go as soon as possible. In this elegant, unpretentious restaurant, Galician chef Tono, a great connoisseur of fish, boasts his skills as s sushi maker. Tono reached this degree of wisdom in his hometown, but also at the praised Nomo restaurant, where he was the only head of the kitchen without slanted eyes or a Japanese passport.

Chef Tono proves his expertise both as a sushi maker and a fish connoisseur

The adjectives at the door give us a clue as to what to expect: handmade, fresh, traditional, immediate, healthy and quality. But above all, we can say that everything served here is made with love and honesty. Fish is frozen 48 hours in advance as required by law to kill anisakis, a step other Japanese restaurants sometimes avoid.


The Sushifresh menu will surprise you as it includes more dishes than the usual sashimi, nigiri, maki and futomakis. To whet your appetite, start with some Japanese tapas such as some sauteed spicy edamamecrunchy vegetables gyozas and grilled gyozas stuffed with chicken and vegetables, as well as tasty crispy shrimp. Among the starters there is a curious miso soup with seafood and a refreshing seaweed salad. The wok section is also interesting, especially the yakisoba sautéed with vegetables and bacon, and the Yakiniku, diced tenderloin marinated with soy sauce.

The menu combines a wide selection of sushi dishes with some other elegant Japanese dishes

Before dealing with the wide variety of sushi, we recommend you try some of the menu’s cold dishes such as tuna tataki which with ginger, Japanese-style marinated sea bream citrus ceviche, a wide offer of futomakis and makis, from salmon and tuna to more sophisticated ones with foie, mushrooms and asparagus or with soft-shell crab. The uramakis also include combinations to suit all tastes, from a delicious vegetarian version to one with eel, avocado and cheese wrapped in sesameand another one with flambéed scallop with foie. Obviously, a Japanese menu couldn’t miss its serving of sahimi and nigiris, such as the gunkan tempura wrapped in salmon roe. If you find it hard to choose, you can always opt for an assorted dish. Don’t leave without trying mochi, a dessert that is always a win in Good2b.


At lunch Sushifresh serves an executive menu with a main dish, drink, dessert or coffee for 10.50 euros, or a full menu with two courses for 15 euros. An average menu meal is about € 25/30.


  • Address: Europa, 24
  • Timetable: M-S 12:30pm-4pm / 7pm-11:30pm
  • Phone: (+34) 93 205 65 78
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: