Ariana Díaz Celma

Expectations were high and the outcome is not at all disappointing. After years of renovation works, the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona is finally opening to offer its versatile space to everyone. The popular yet sophisticated spirit of Barcelona’s flagship beer is reflected everywhere around this huge 4,500m2 space. The Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona is a dream come true thanks to three names: Jean Nouvel, who designed the project; Jordi Vila, the gastronomic director; and Albert Castellón, Moritz’s Director General.  

The Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona offers all kinds of activities around gastronomy, new trends, fashion, architecture, design, and more. The space boasts a beer bar, two restaurants, a bar à vins, a store, a mini beer bar, a museum, a cookery class and several multipurpose spaces devoted to different activities.


As its own name indicates, it also works as a factory, as beer is produced in barrels displayed to public. Their gastro offer is different in each space, all of them created by Jordi Vila, the Factory’s gastro expert and also the chef of the Alkimia Restaurant. In the Beer & Tanks section, you can enjoy the original Kartoffelsalat, Triticum focaccia, Parmesan sticks, ham croquettes or Andalusia-style calamari. At the restaurant they serve Choucroute Garnie, Alsacian Tartifilette (potatoes, cream, bacon and Reblachon) or a Game Terrine with Toast, among others. The Sala 39 serves Capipota with Black Butter, Meat Balls with Cuttlefish or a ready-made Steak Tartar. As for desserts, enjoy their Matafaluga Fitters, Fresh Fruit Cake or Chocolate Truffles.

Wash down the food with Moritz beer, Agua de Moritz (alcohol free) or Font d’Or water.


  • Address: Ronda Sant Antoni, 41