Ariana Díaz Celma

?Beer is an art form, a culinary treasure, a political act, a mystic ritual, a man’s essential profession and a link capable of uniting mankind.? Under this premise, six neighbors from Malasaña, formerly known as barrio Maravillas, decided a while ago that this legendary district deserved its own beer. Said and done: hands were put to work and they created a craft beer micro factory to produce and package their own beer for everyone to enjoy.

The Fábrica Maravillas is a modern place to taste beer while witnessing the entire production process, from the crushing of malt to the packing for the last fermentation. The process follows traditional techniques to deliver unfiltered, unpasteurized beer. Fábrica Maravillas serves five beers for all tastes, ranging from the blonde and refresing Malasaña Ale to the maltose and slightly smoky Scotch Ale and the intense black Imperial Stout.

At Fábrica Maravillas they are always trying new limited-edition recipes they serve each week. For those who don’t want alcohol or don’t like beer, Fábrica Maravillas offers a refreshing alternative of their own with soda, ginger and vanilla or lemon. Try beers with character that will delight the most discerning palates! You can also take it home!


  • Address: C/ Valverde 29 Madrid