An halo of legend surrounds the figure of Sixto Rodriguez, a musician discovered in a Detroit bar by two Motown producers that saw something in his melodies and moving lyrics. With the convinction that he would become a success, they helped him record an album, but their expectations were never fulfilled and the artist disappeared among rumours of suicide. However, he was never forgotten. While in the US no one really knew about him, in Apartheid South Africa he became a prophet, a mass idol, the soundtrack to an opposition that made history.


The Matadero Madrid will show the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, the winner of several Awards including an Oscar for Best Documentary of 2012 and a moving story full of ideals and unprecedented passion. Watch a few minutes of the video below these lines.


What: Searching for Sugan Man.

When: February 28, March 1 and March 8 at 10pm.

Price: 3,5 euros.

Where: Matadero de Madrid (Plaza de Legazpi, 8).