Pumps, Lizards and Rockets will star in the upcoming gastronomic pop up event We Pop! We are back once again to liven up the evenings of the 080 Barcelona Fashion with vinegaroom and shots of vodka. Four days of tribute to our most famous, iconic and colorful tapa, made by the great chef Kike Martinez, the creator Bombas, Lagartos y Cohetes de Vallekas (Pumps, Lizards and Rockets from Vallekas). Know who’s who in here:


*A Bomba is an olive stuffed with octopus, mussel, fresh and salted anchovies, bonito, dry tomatoes, chili, Iberian loin, or ham and cheese.

*A Lagarto is a gherkin stuffed with bonito, fresh and salted anchovies, salmon or cod fish, and decorated with spring onions and olives.

*A Cohete is a quail egg with fresh anchovies, crabmeat with olives and chili, smoked herring or baby squid.


Our three stars deserve an amazing companion: Absolut Vodka and a team of bartenders from Magatzem Escolà to serve us an assortment of shots and mixed drinks to enjoy this Vallecas? appetizer. The lighting project is the work of Catalan industrial design editor Santa & Cole and, as it?s common in We Pop!, there will also be amazing Djs. If you like the way our waiters llook, they’ve been dressed by Lee and Vans and are wearing Kaleos sunglasses.


We Pop will be held from January 29 to February 1 at the basement of Magatzem Escolà, next to Mercado del Borne, on Calle Comercial, 13. Don?t miss it!! Confirm attendance here.

HERE. Buy cheaper tickets in advance HERE.


What: Bombas Lagartos y Cohetes Pop Up Bar by We Pop!

When: January 29-February 1st from 6pm to 11pm.

Price: Bombas 1,5?, Lagartos and Cohetes 2?, Vodka shot 3?.

Where: Magatzem Escolà (c/ Comercial, 13).