After almost three years, MUTT, one of our favorites in the city, has delighted us with great exhibitions, including Rubenimichi, Miju Lee, Sergio Caballero and Aitor Saraiba, among others, MUTT is now about to open its first group exhibition that goes by thet title Are you in the fire or just another flame and which features 25 artists, among them Antonio Ladrillo, Blanca Miró Skoudy, Cool Retarded, Ferestec, Inocuo, Margarito de la Ghetto, Pau Sampera, Sosaku Miyazaki and UYU. Obviously, good2b will accompany them on such a special occasion.


The aim of this exhibition is to bring together a national and international election of artists who have exhibited at MUTT or will do in the near future, and whose work is currently relevant in several disciplines including painting, illustration, graffiti, net art and more.


The title of the exhibition is a fragment of a song by the Canadian band Fucked Up. Artists were asked to make an interpretation of this sentence on a 31.75 x 31.75 cm paper, the size of a vinyl cover. MUTT wants to claim the vinyl format as a sincere and spontaneous art.


Drop by MUTT on 19 June and enjoy the opening Moritz and Jägermeister.

What: Are you the fire or just another flame?.

When: Wednesday 19 of June (opening at 7pm) ? 8 of September.

Where: MUTT (C/ Comerç, 15).