Cecilia Díaz Betz

The modern seafood restaurant Espai Kru continues to cause furor in Barcelona. This brilliant idea of a raw food restaurant came from the Iglesias brother (Rias Gallegas) along with Ferrán Adriá.

Now they have just presented a new champagne list with over 30 different wines selected by Espai Kru’s sommelier and former ElBulli sommelier Ferran Centelles. They both designed a menu with champagne worth less than 80 euros.

The champagnes chosen have a good value for money and are grouped into four categories: fresh (ideal as an appetizer), pink (versatile, they are good anytime), balanced (perfect for cold dishes) and voluminous (to enjoy at the end of the meal). This is indeed a good addition as champagne is always a great choice to enjoy the creations of Espai Kru‘s chef Ever Cubilla.

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