Ariana Díaz Celma

Getting up early once in a while has its benefits. We are serious. If you don’t believe it, read what comes next. A few days ago Casas de Hualdo invited us to a hot air balloon ride over Madrid, one of those experiences that are hard to forget.

A ride on a hot air balloon is like being in a balcony in motion with a 360 degree view. We could see Casa de Gualdo’s olive trees from a different perspective. With the first flash of the burner, we began an expedition over 3,200 acres, home to a rich biodiversity. But not only did we see olive trees but also protected species such as hawks, eagles and owls, plus native animals such as wild boars, deer and roe deer.

Once on the ground, we were eager to taste Casas de Gualdo’s olive oils: Arbequina, Manzanilla, Picual and Cuernicabra. We also visited the pistachios, of such an intense red it seems unreal. Best of all, in addition to knowing the origin of the oil from a panoramic view, was to share the experience with, Directo al Paladar, Con Mucha Gula, Cocina y Aficiones, De Menú en Menú and Albahaca y Canela.