Ariana Díaz Celma

El Pla restaurant opened its doors almost two decades ago, in 1998. Over the years it has earned a significantly respectful position at a culinary and at a business level and is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Hidden in the mysterious and emblematic Gothic Quarter, its soft lighting invites to come in and be pampered. El Pla’s creative and special gastronomic proposals activatea your five senses, reason enough to dare to go try.

It’s been two decades since El Pla opened at the Gothic quarter

Located in a century-old building on calle Bellafila 5, El Pla offers a warm and intimate atmosphere and serves textures and contrasting flavors and colors made with high quality seasonal produce. The tasting menu is made up of several of its most representative dishes, plus a short list of other dishes outside the menu. If you also choose to pair the dishes with wine for about 20 € more, which is really worth it, the experience becomes almost religious.

El Pla takes care of every detail. Dishes are presented on different dinner ware to enhance the originality of their designs and colors, turning your meal into a visual spectacle. The first surprise comes with the dehydrated onion snacks and kombu seaweed, crisp and full of flavor, followed by a few slices of turnip fermented with a pine nut sauce. To conclude the starters, we had radish with raisin sauce and a warm ceps soup. We paired it with Calvente muscat. And now, one of El Pla hits: poultry egg at low temperature with leek, ham soup and Japanese mushrooms, served with a white parellada grape Atrevida wine.

Although the egg and the snacks are enough to sate the light evening appetite, here comes the menu highlights. On the one hand,flamed mackerel with lemon sauce, garlic and dashi cream, the most complex dish in the tasting menu and perhaps not the favourite of palates excessively sensitive to strong flavors. It pairs well with the Trenzado natural wine from the Canary Islands, made with two types of grape grown in volcanic soil that have exceptional smoky aroma. Next came duck with mashed saffronaccompanied with fennel. Here we changed to red wine, a Solergibert Cabernet Franc and Pla del Bages.


And we’re coming to the end. Alt d’Urgell Goat cheese with walnuts that combines fantastically well with sweet sherry, and glass of strawberry infused with elderberry ice cream and a nice little bottle of apricot and laurel reminiscent but the Mirindas. Three proposals that go from the simple to the sophisticated that, in the menu, are the pre-desserts. Yes: pre! The menu ends with creamy basil with olive oil cake with raspberries and hazelnuts that will fulfill your expectations without being overly sweet, and paired with muscatel. As you can see, El Pla serves a quite complete tasting menu that we recommend to try with a friend or a partner to enjoy the intimate and friendly atmosphere.



  • Address: Cl de la Bellafila, 5, Barcelona
  • Timetable: Mon to Thu and Sun 7-11 pm | F, Sat and Sun 7 - 12 pm
  • Phone: (+34) 934 126 552
  • Website: