Cecilia Díaz Betz

Skateboarding and Barcelona have maintained a very fruitful relationship for years, positioning Barcelona as one of skate’s global benchmarks. The barrage of skaters who visit us each year led to the opening of skating stores to consolidate the skateboarding culture in Barcelona. It is true that almost everything happens near the center, but it has gradually reached other districts. Such is the case of State, the new store for skateboarding fans located in Gracia.

The space is very modern and sophisticated. They have a fixed exhibit of 50 skateboard models and a patio to recharge your batteries. A multi-space managed by José Parrón where different disciplines co-exist: fashion, skate and art. Moreover, there is a corner in collaboration with FlowersWill that also works as a social club.

As far as fashion is concerned, State offers collections of leading apparel brands, including premium and limited editions such as the collaborations between Santa Cruz and The Simpsons or Star Wars. Other brands include HUF, Thequietlife, Diamond, Adidas Skateboarding, Independent, Venture Collection, New & OldSchool SantaCruz (Reissue), Creature, Feel, Laser, Primitive, Official and Grizzly, as well as many more skateboards, accessories, sunglasses, sneakers and hats. But above all, the collection made in Barcelona stands out, ??which can only be found here.

Besides offering the latest in fashion, they also make inroads on the art world, such as the collaboration with the art collective Reskate Boards&Illustrators, which has prepared an exclusive exhibition for State to be on show until July 26. The show is called Concrete Homeland and includes artwork from artists like Hanako Mimiko, Marcos Cabrera, Marga López, Chamo San, Bandid8, Monsieur Madame Alex Ferreiro, Pau Bonet, Conspiracy Studio, Minuskula, Javier de Riba, Cristian Blanxer, Alba King and Cristina Spanò.

They have already conquered us and will soon open with great fanfare!


  • Address: Torrent de l'Olla, 108, barcelona