Cecilia Díaz Betz

If you thought you already knew everything about the Primavera Sound 2014, you are sadly mistaken. You’ll have to redo that wonderful excel with your personal schedule and try to avoid the dreaded overlapping of shows. Well my friend, wipe that grid clean, life is full of surprises and PS is one of them! There are six bands yet to be confirmed that will be revealed by Hidden Tracks de Heineken. Are you ready? Game on!

Returning to the drip technique, these six bands will gradually be unveiling in the coming weeks. They will perform in a mysterious new stage called the Hidden Stage. But to make everything a little more participatory and exciting, new hints will be posted at the Hidden Tracks by Heineken. The video featuring psychophonies you can watch below these lines explains things clearly. So let the game being! The first track is priceless. Which group is behind that guitar strumming jabbering the wedding march? Go, go, go!

Hey! Surprises are not over… On Thursday May 29 Volcano Choir will open the doors of their rehearsing/concert at 16:00 at Sala Apolo. With your fill PS tickets you can access until full capacity.