Ariana Díaz Celma

The legendary Teatriz restaurant, located in an old theatre, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in style by showing its youngest and funniest side at the new dining bar. Have you ever dined on a stage?

The place offers an incomparable atmosphere, with a menu featuring Latin American and Asian food. But the restaurant’s highlight is the state, presided over a spectacular marble bar, a giant lamp and fun Japanese tableware with all plates featuring different illustrations.

The menu has been designed by Chef Carlos Nuñez and it is thought for sharing. It features different sections, including Cold, Tartare, Fire and End, with dishes such as anglerfish ceviche and prawn with avocado; tuna tiraditos with tapenade and tomato vinaigrette; chicken satay with teriyaki sauce and herbs salad; cochinita pibil croquettes with toasted corn powder; fattened pig loin with mint, green curry and pineapple, or a tuna tartar with guacamole and orange flavour.

To wash the food down, Teatriz offers a long list of wines and beers. We recommend their cocktails, especially their tailor-made combinations with freshly cut aromatic herbs and citric. A meal at Teatriz is about 30 Euros.

And don’t leave the restaurant without visiting the toilets because they are designed by Philippe Starck and it is a spectacular work of art.

So if you want to eat on a theatre stage, Teatriz is your place.


  • Address: C/ Hermosilla, 15 Madrid