Laura Naranjo

It was in 2011 when two talented designers showed at the Ego fashion show an interesting and attractive proposal. Jordi Espino and Elisabet Vallecillo find inspiration in primary elements, in the organic and in the creative nature. After years showing their creations on the catwalk, Colmillo de Morsa has finally opened a boutique-atelier on Calle Vic, 15, in Gracia, a space of smooth lines made from natural materials and artisanal products.

The value of their clothes lies in the care for detail and the application of artisanal principles in a combination of tradition and modernity. Jordi and Elisabet are inspired by primary elements, the organic and nature’s creative ability, as well as the savoir fair of Scandinavian design.

The name of the brand hides a basic premise: beauty has infinite shapes, as many shapes as there are eyes beholding it. The boutique also retails other brands including A-couple, Ahida Agirre, Pablo Erroz, Selim de Somavilla and Victor Von Schwarz, two designers we recently interviewed (read the interviews here and here), along with Deux Souliers shoes, Lulasays jewelerry and accessories by Manila Barcelona and Cleautch.


  • Address: C/ Vic, 15, Barcelona