Ariana Díaz Celma

Barcelona’s gastronomy continues to give pleasant surprises. This time around the good news comes from El ‘Bar’, a restaurant with a flexible schedule located in an area with many interesting places (a few meters away you’ll find our beloved Morro Fi, and the vintage furniture store Déjà Vu Concept, to name two examples). The place name, with quotation marks on purpose, suggests that here nothing is what it seems.

El ‘Bar’ has a bar and a few stools, six bare tables and walls lined with newspapers from the ’70s. So far, everything in order. Also, the place doesn’t close until the last customer decides to leave, something much appreciated in these times. The surprise comes when one realizes that both the menu and the service are those of a top restaurant, but always at a reasonable price?you’ll rarely pay more than 25 euros for lunch or dinner, though it always depends on the appetite and the wine. The perpetrators of such audacity for Barcelona’s gourmet palates are Sergi Giménez (1981)?a sommelier with experience at the Colibrí restaurant?and Omar Diaz (1980)?a chef trained in El Celler de Can Roca and Arzak who is also known for his job at the kitchens of Gresca, Sagas and the Saüc deñ Ohla Hotel. The menu is as a clear example of updated tapas.

To give you an idea, here traditional patatas bravas are served with Ourense zorza?one of the star dishes of El ‘Bar’; mussels are cooked with homemade pickle, omelettes with free-range eggs and the ham-and-cheese sandwich or ?Bikini’ is served in a rather sophisticated version with Cantabria cream and ham. Although, if something surprised us for good were the scallops with macadamia nut praliné and stuffed bacon.

However, it’s not only about tapas at El ‘Bar’. The menu features a section called ?resistance’ to satiate the hungriest, with delicacies such as red mullet with cauliflower and citrics, beach squid with chickpeas or old beef steak with mushrooms from Leon. Not to mention their selection of European cheeses, with delights such as 30-month-old Comté, or Clua Suau Montsec goat cheese. A feast for dairy lovers.

Although it seems impossible to stop, it’s essential to be able to try their desserts, for example their original Chicle, a fantasy of mashed strawberries, gum paste and yogurt, or the brioche French toast with passion fruit and meringue, a delight impossible to resist.


  • Address: C/Calàbria, 118 Barcelona