Laura Hernandez

I’m not a mother. I’ve never been pregnant and, for now, the maternal instinct hasn’t knocked my door. My experience with kids has never gone beyond playing around or babysitting just a few times, or being woken up at midnight by the helpless cries of the twins on the 4th floor.

 I couldn’t hide my surprise when I discovered the project Eating for Two

Due to my inexperience, I couldn’t hide my surprise when I discovered the project Eating for Two, in which women from around the world send the recipes of their cravings during pregnancy. Yes, this is all alright, but the deeper you get into it, the better. You will find delicious orange sushi with tomato sauce; potato puree with caramel syrup; hamburger with bacon and chocolates; matches; toothpaste oreos; pickle cocktail; olive and chocolate cake or delicious ice cream with chili sauce.

Although it may strike you as a joke, the authors of this fun web—Juarez Rodriguez and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus—claim that all recipes in Eating for Two are real cravings from pregnant women. And to complement such a hard and comprehensive investigation, Juárez and Vicky confessed they tried all the recipes. That’s professional! They are about to publish a book gathering all the recipes and we’ll get a copy for sure. Are you pregnant and have cravings? Then send your recipe or find inspiration here.