Bru Romero

There’s not much in gastronomy with the power to surprise. In a moment in which half of the chefs in the world are doing their best to show us how far they can get and the other half is learning from them, it’s hard to find chefs with enough talent to surprise us. But Du Libán is that exception that proves the rule. Would you like to know more?

Enjoy contrasting flavours and aromas of a culture not as yet exploited by foodies

Located in Alcobendas, this haute cuisine restaurant deserves all the praise it has received. Run by chef Wissam Moussa and with a really attentive and efficient service, it takes guests on a trip to the Middle East to enjoy contrasting flavours and aromas of a culture not as yet exploited by foodies.


The menu includes bowls hommous, tabbouleh, Fattoush and moutabbal, textures that leave in our palates the undisputed flavours of a cuisine we’ve tried so many times in its worst version.

Other dishes include elkafta (minced lamb), falafel (beans and chickpeas cream), kebbeh (meat croquettes best enjoyed with hommous) or sfiha, a traditional mini pizza from the eastern area of Baalbeck.


The main dish here is a coal grilled farroush, tasty chicken marinated for 48 hours in garlic, lemon and orange. In case you have room for dessert, give yourself a shot of sweetness with curdled milk, kataifi flour noodles and orange blossom syrup. Can you ask for more? No, but we recommend you to return to continue exploring new lands with lots of surprising textures and flavours!


  • Address: c/Estafeta, 2. Plaza de la Fuente. La Moraleja (Madrid)
  • Timetable: Mon-Sat: 13,00h. to 02,00h. / Sun: 09,30h. to 02,00h.
  • Phone: 916 25 00 72
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: