Ariana Díaz Celma

Dry Martini is one of the most emblematic cocktail bars in the city, a classic place serving combined drinks in its renowned wooden bar. The old bottles on the shelves and the great art collection hanging on its walls are what distinguish it from others. With a classic ambience and an impeccable clientele, this is a perfect place to hang out to the rhythm of jazz music. Javier de las Muelas is the man behind this amazing business.

Dry Martini also boasts a restaurant area called Speakeasy, with a menu that has nothing to envy to their cocktail list. The place is located in an old warehouse in the same building as the cocktail bar and, as they did in Chicago during the Dry Law, you have to say a watchword to get in. It is a secret, hidden space with no sign at the entrance or neon lights. You can enter the restaurant using the back door. Nock on it, say the watchword and you are in.

But that’s not all you can find in here. Would you like to fix your favourite cocktail and drink it while eating a delicious tapa of fondue cheese croquettes? Here’s a solution for you, the Dry Martini Academy, a new space created by Javier de las Muelas devoted to training new talents. It is a place that aims to become a referent in cocktail development and training. The space, located right next to the Dry Martini, boasts a 7-metre-long bar where the classes and the workshops will be imparted. Gin Tonics, Mojitos, or Bar at Home are some of the main themes. You’ll learn how to use the utensils, which ingredients you need, the culture of ice and the essential recipes. The professional staff of Dry Martini and Speakeasy, the restaurant, will answer all your questions.

This proposal is the perfect combination for the restaurant, as you can also choose your food from a wide range of tapas and dishes à la carte at nights to wash down with your cocktail, for example a Fish Ceviche with a Pisco Sour or Tudela Artichokes with Olive Oil and Salt Crystals with? A Margarita? You decide and you fix it yourself!


  • Address: Aribau, 162-166 Barcelona