Ariana Díaz Celma

Albert Raurich, chef du cuisisne of ferran adrià’s elBulli restaurant from 1999 to 2007, embark on a new venture with Camper and opens, next to the modern hotel Casa Camper, the asian tapas bar Dos Palillos. The idea of the rastaurant is mixing Asia and Spain, two different cultures that use wooden sticks (chopsticks & toothpicks) to eat. Orientals use them to take small portions of food. In Spanish bars the toothpick is the king of ‘tapas’ different in form but similar in use, they symbolize the itinerary between plate and mouth. Two pure basic utensils which are minimum in design, primitive and/but modern at the same time. A coincidence but also a good excuse to join two gastronomic cultures: Asia and Spain.

The idea of the rastaurant is mixing Asia and Spain, two different cultures that use wooden sticks (chopsticks & toothpicks) to eat

To eat, you can find tapas, small portions, eating assorted food, eating snaks, exist in asia form many years and one of the main purposes at Dos Palillos is to be able to transmit. They will be purist in implementing the Asian cuisine techniques, and always with a cultural sense, valuing the raw material, respecting the products and their reasonality and with the illusion of the professionals who enjoy their work. From the classic chinese dim sum, the masses by steaming, tempura, sunomonos, the yakitori, the kushiages until the woks all elaborated in small portions.

To drink, Tamae (the other half directing the restaurant with Raurich) has made a selection of sakes and wines of which an important part proceed from biodynamic agriculture, and a good offer of beer. Something as important as tea couldn’t be left out; Asia’s drink per excellence and the second most consumed drink in the world after water. A selection of the most characteristic and significant teas will also be offered.

The offer is based on 25 tapas and 5 deserts for the informal part, and a gourmet menu in the Asian bar. The space is enough for 24 people in the asian bar and 22 people in the bar. Eating there costs about 30 euros plus the drinks.

Dos Palillos is located at Casa Camper, on elisabets street on the corner of Notariat, in the Raval area of barcelona. Dos Palillos has an intentionally provocative design that could even create certain confusion. It is divided into two very different and counter-opposing spaces: ‘vulgar’ bar like those that could be found on any street corner in the city, through which one passes to reach another more refined Asian bar, where one can sit to eat, in front of (almost inside) the kitchen and be served by the chefs themselves.


  • Address: C/Elisabets, 9 barcelona
  • Timetable: M Closed ı T-W 19:30-23:30 ı T-F-S 13:30-15:30 19:30-23:30 ı S Closed
  • Phone: (+34) 93 304 05 13
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: